Club Lasers was founded on three guiding principles: Quality, Performance, and Value. 


We believe that today’s lighting and production professionals should have access to a high-performance laser projector, that can withstand the rigors of everyday production life, without breaking the bank. And we've worked diligently over the last several years to develop the ClubLasers product line, to exceed the performance of any other lasers in this class. 


What makes us different: 


1. All ClubLasers models are 100% CDRH and FDA certified. 

2. All ClubLasers models are built to last longer than other lasers on the market currently, as we protect each diode inside our fixtures with the Pangolin LASORB component. 

3. All ClubLasers models include all accessories you need to be show ready right out of the box. We don’t charge extra for cables, connector, and accessories like the other guys do. 

4. All ClubLasers models including an industry leaving 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, protecting your investment. 

·  And, you won’t void your warranty, if you open the laser up. 

·  Our manufacturer’s variance encourages our clients to learn, experiment, and “dig in” to their laser gear. 

5. ClubLasers offers lasers for all size venues and events, with systems for beginners and seasoned professionals. 

6. ClubLasers are made for life on the road and are all built into rugged IP54 rated housings. 

7. ClubLasers are affordable. We don’t add crazy markups. We keep our pricing fair, honest and transparent. 

8. ClubLasers are all serviced locally here in the USA, and we provide FREE training and support with all systems. 

9. ClubLasers also offers programming assistance when needed. So, if you need some help creating a custom look, we’ll be there for you. 

10. ClubLasers support won’t be beat. We’re available nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week.